Petrol Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

How to choose your walk behind lawn mower?

Push or Self-propelled
A push mower’s motor powers the blades only. A self-propelled mower’s motor powers the blades and pushes the mower forwards, so all you have to do is guide it around the lawn.
Mulching is an effective way of recycling your grass cuttings. This method cuts and re-cuts clippings and returns them to the cut lawn. The mulched clippings then decompose to give the soil a rich nitrogen boost, which will improve the health of the lawn.
Engine type/size
The Murray lawn mower range is powered by the most innovative and efficient Briggs & Stratton engines, not only in performance but also in emissions. The larger the engine size the more power you have at your fingertips.

The Green, Green Grass of Home

A well-kept garden lawn can be enjoyed from spring, right through to late autumn. So whether you love mowing or not, the Murray lawn mower range has the right mower for the job. Cutting the lawn simply, effectively and quickly will give you more time to relax and enjoy the garden. Let Murray do the hard work for you.

A Clean, Green Commitment

World-renowned Briggs & Stratton engines power each mower in the range, offering unparalleled performance combined with clean, green power giving you peace of mind. Briggs & Stratton complies with European Exhaust Emission Standards.

Join the Green Team

The Murray lawn mower range includes serveral models. Each has different features to suit the varying needs of gardeners. Teamed with reduced emissions, a beautiful cut and innovative features each make Murray your perfect mowing partner.

* Applies to residential use only. See operator’s manual for complete warranty details. Length of engine warranty coverage varies by manufacturer.